Terms And Conditions 


Every participant must complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) form before participating. You must also ensure that you have completed your online Health Questionnaire to add to your profile. This will be emailed to you after creating your profile for any purchase or free trial period. FASTER PT cannot be held responsible for your failure to do so which will make you ineligible to be covered by the insurance.

FASTER PT fee payable in advance by direct debit entitles each participant to classes within each membership period. Fee is non-transferable & non-refundable. 1 to 1 Personal Training fee payable in advance through online store and is non-refundable.

With a FASTER membership participants have unlimited attendance to classes per week within the membership period subject to booking availability of spaces on a first come first served basis.

Newcomers/taster sessions must also be booked in advance to ensure there is sufficient space within the class. You must complete a Par-Q health questionnaire prior to joining the class.

FASTER PT is a mutually encouraging and mutually supportive confidence building class. By providing this safe environment, we will all ensure the optimum outcome for each participant. We know that you will respect this endeavour.

Not all exercises will be achievable for each participant. Participants are required to listen carefully to all instructions concerning exercises.

After listening carefully to what is required of you, you as a FASTER PT attendee will need to make a personal assessment to whether you can perform the exercise safely. If you believe you cannot, please let your instructor know immediately and we will work with you to provide an alternative exercise; for you to achieve your optimum fitness level.

The responsibility for making the judgement about your ability to perform the exercises will ultimately be only yours, a FASTER PT participant, to make.

Our joint aim is for you to achieve your highest level of fitness, as this will be an individual goal.

Newcomers can join at any time within the monthly period, providing there is sufficient space within the class.

Booking onto 06.00am and 09.30am classes must be done no later than 8.30pm the day prior. Any class booking made after the 8.30pm cut off will be invalid and cancelled as a result.

If there are no Bookings on a morning class before 8.30pm the previous evening, the class will be cancelled as a result.

There will be photo's and videos taken during the classes which are used for marketing purposes. By agreeing to these terms & conditions you are consenting to the use of your image for marketing purposes.

It is your responsibility to inform us if you wish for your image to be excluded from all FASTER PT social media & marketing campaigns.

We will strive to ensure as much continuity as possible, but the FASTER PT classes may not run on event days & do not run on bank holidays. Participants will always be given sufficient notice in order to plan which nights they attend.

Please be aware that FASTER PT will also shut down for 2 weeks during the festive period.

You are giving your full consent to be contacted for all marketing purposes via email, text or phone. Please email FASTER PT for any further info.